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How I work

I have worked for over 25 years as a psychotherapist and have drawn from a number of experiences and training disciplines over the years which influence my therapeutic approach. Each person I see is an individual requiring a unique relationship and as an Integrative Psychotherapist I feel best able to provide a broad experience base to meet this. It is vital for the client to feel safe and heard within an atmosphere that is confidential, without judgement and with acceptance of who they are.

When working I integrate psychodynamic, relational and bodywork approaches as well as AIT, an energy psychology outlined in the section on AIT. From my years as a therapist I believe the single most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between therapist and client.

I work towards integrating the whole of the person, involving mind, body, feelings and spirit. I draw upon knowledge and experience of how the body can express or hold on to the feelings - often preventing the person from moving on. Thus on occasions I may work with breathing, body awareness, mindfulness, movement and the energy centres to enable the client to connect with or release these feelings.

When I am first contacted by somebody I will usually set up an initial meeting to discuss the issues and to make sure that we can work together. I will very often arrange 6 sessions - which may be enough if it is a short term problem, or we might decide that more time is needed and it will need a more open ended arrangement.

SHORT TERM WORK normally involves difficulties which are primarily current - I often use AIT for short term work, it is extremely effective in dealing with traumas - past and present - but within a much shorter time period than traditional psychotherapy.

LONG TERM WORK is more likely to be looking at issues from the past. It can take longer to reach a sufficiently trusting and holding therapeutic relationship to contact painful areas of a person's life and to allow them to unfold and find a point of healing.

I work with both individuals and couples.


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